Nature photography: Making use of daylight

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Visiting Montreal for your next photography adventure can prove to be one of the best decisions you’ve ever made in your life. Photography enthusiast Frank Enrico Andreoli Montreal talks about some ways to make use of daylight in nature as you go on your next photography adventure in this Canadadian city.

Be aware of the time.

Most camera experts say that there is no such thing as the best time of the day to take great photos. At any time of the day, you can come up with awesome photos, so long as you have good knowledge of how to make the light work best for you. Noon time lighting is the most direct light you’re ever going to have in the day, while mid-morning and mid-afternoon can give you a precious opportunity to use diffused light. Note the changes of the color of sunlight as the clock ticks throughout the day.

Capture the sunrises and sunsets.

Don’t lose the opportunity to capture the sunrise and sunset, especially when you’re in one of the world’s best natural landscapes, says Frank Enrico Andreoli Montreal. There is nothing that can give more meaning to photos than an awesome display of the natural elements, with the sunrise or sunset as the backdrop. The kind of lighting during these times of the day is simply magical.

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Observe how light operates with natural elements.

Light has a very harmonious relationship with a reflective surface. Use the breadth of stone walls as effective reflectors for some natural filler light. The surface of a meadow brings the light back up towards the subject, so you should make use of it really well. Translucent forest canopies give off an awesome light when they filter the daylight from above, which gives an almost surreal effect on your subjects. Make use of these daylight opportunities and you’ll be in for some cool photos.

Frank Enrico Andreoli is a Montreal native who is into nature and city photography. As a local of Canada’s City of Saints, he knows the best spots for that natu